roger joss und sein kleines bisschen glück

Roger Joss is back und is coming to visit with his evening-filling show "und sein kleines bisschen Glück" ("and his little bit of happiness"). Roger Joss playfully tells loveable and funny stories that get woven together by him to an entertaining and amusing whole and with that his own little bit of happiness appears. Packed in his various bags there are a lot of new acts and ideas but also treasures that have grown dear to him in his over 30 years as a clown in the circus and theatre and so mirror his very personal little bit of happiness. Winkingly with a touch of poetry and a lot of humour he lets pictures form that sometimes remind us of a magical backstreet circus. Roger Joss does that in his very own forthright and natural way that is neither brash nor cheep. With his subtle and sometimes also weird humour he easily succeeds to combine in his solo-shows originality, artistry, music with his cheerful as well as kinky charm.



January 11, 2019 • 20:00h • Beromünster LU • Stiftstheater • ticket sale:

past dates:
November 23, 2018 • 20:00h • Rapperswil-Jona SG • ALTEFABRIK
October 26, 2018 • 20:00h • Willisau LU • Theatersaal Rathaus
October 20, 2018 • Henggart ZH • private function
September 14, 2018 • 19:30h • Winterthur ZH • Rathausdurchgang
January 21, 2018 • 15:00h • Rickenbach Sulz ZH • Singsaal Schulhaus Hofacker
January 20, 2018 • 20:00h • Rickenbach Sulz ZH • Singsaal Schulhaus Hofacker
January 12, 2018 • Rickenbach Sulz ZH • private function