roger joss • clown

Roger Joss playfully tells loveable and funny stories that get woven together by him to an entertaining and amusing whole. He lets pictures form - winkingly with a touch of poetry and a lot of humour - and combines originality, artistry, music with his cheerful as well as kinky charm in his solo-shows.

About Me

First visit to a circus as a four-year-old. After that it was evident to me: Be a clown for always and forever!


Further dates for shows of "Roger Joss und sein kleines bisschen Glück" are fixed!


Photos from over 30 years of circus and theatre.


Roger Joss is back und is coming to visit with his evening-filling show "und sein kleines bisschen Glück" ("and his little bit of happiness")!


Film footage.


Posters, drawings and logo.